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ASUS ROG Phone II Accessories

ROG Phone II comes with some cool and amazing accessories to take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Check them out and get amazed.

ASUS launched the gamer-centric phone ROG Phone II and now it has launched gamer-centric accessories for that phone that are loved by gamers and praised by tech enthusiasts.

The accessories super pack consists of TwinView Dock II, WiGig Display Dock Plus, Aero Active Cooler and ROG Kunai Gamepad. All of these accessories look cool and are innovative. With these ROG Phone II accessories, you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level.

So let’s know more about all these ROG Phone II accessories

1. TwinView Dock II


The TwinView Dock is priced at INR 19,999. Well, gamers who like to stream while playing will love this accessory as it allows you to have a dual-screen experience. The second screen is also a 120Hz/1ms, 6.59-inch, Full HD+ (2340 x 1080), Amoled screen. The second screen has different uses, such a live streaming, extended game display or group communication.

This accessory comes with a new turbo-fan for greater cooling and high capacity 500mAh battery to increase your gaming hours. ROG said that the Kunai Gamepad can also be used with this accessory to add physical controls.

2. Wigi Display Dock Plus

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The Wigi Display Dock is priced at INR 12,999. It is a mobile dock which is used to cast your mobile screen in Full HD to a monitor, smart tv or any other wireless display. It gives a desktop gaming experience with the help of keyboard and mouse or with ROG Kunai Gamepad.

The dock offers several inputs and output ports such as- Display port, up to 4k HDMI, 4 USB super Speed ports, an RJ45 ethernet port, USB micro B connector, and an SD card reader and more.

3. Aero Active Cooler

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The Aero Active Cooler II is priced at INR 3,999. This time ASUS has made some changes to the previous Aero Active Cooler by redesigning the blades, to deliver more airflow into the ROG Aerodynamic System and it can also fit on the bundled ROG Phone Aero Case. The Aero Active Cooler II is quieter with a 24dBA noise level which is 4-times quieter than the original design.

4. ROG Kunai Gamepad

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The ROG Kunai Gamepad is not available in India. It is the physical controller for ASUS ROG Phone II. The controllers split into two halves that can be attached to the phone or can be attached to a holder grip and the phone can be slid in between to convert into Gamepad and Handheld modes. Each can be used independently in any hand you prefer and it can be connected to any device wirelessly to play games, not just the ROG Phone II.

The ASUS ROG Phone II is probably the best gaming phone that is available in the market. It do offer some amazing technology and features. It is the first Flagship Smartphone to feature Snapdragon 855+. To know more about the phone Read our review about ROG Phone II.

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