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Best Budget Gaming Controllers

Gaming controllers enhance the gaming experience. But some of them are quite expensive so we have made a list of the five best budget gaming controllers.

Everyone loves gaming with controllers. Controllers enhance the gaming experience, especially RPG and racing type games. The vibration, the grip everything enhances that gaming experience. We have the best 5 budget gaming controllers that you can buy now from Amazon.

Yes, gaming with controllers does feel awesome but playing First Person Shooter titles becomes hell with controllers. You cannot aim precisely with the controller.

So, let’s get down to the list of the top 5 budget controllers for gaming available on Amazon.

1. Cosmic Byte C1070T

cosmic byte c3070w nebula 2 4g wireless for pc ps3 android original imaevcmwzpwbpcpv

This controller is available both in wired and wireless options with phone bracket too which you have to purchase separately. It is one of my favourite controller in this budget segment. It definitely looks and feel amazing but is comfortable for short hours of gameplay.


  • has integrated Dual Mode: X-input and Direct-input for greater compatibility with games
  • has an eccentric 360 degree rotating analog stick for more comfort
  • its D-Cross is eight-way and hence ultra-precise
  • Double analog bumpers and triggers
  • Special Rapid Fire button “Turbo”
  • has dual vibrating motors for the maximum thrill during games
  • has LED indicators 
  • it is compatible with Win XP or above. 

2. Redgear Pro Series 

Redgear pro series Wireless gamepad for PC 1

This controller is also available both in wired and wireless options. The wireless version comes with 2 dongles. It is also an amazing choice for budget gamers. It looks cool with the red stripes and feels comfortable. It offers some cool features too.


  • has 11 buttons
  • has 2 Analog triggers
  • has 2 Analog sticks
  • Support both X-input and direct input
  • Up to 10hrs of gameplay 
  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Turbo mode
  • has dual vibrating motors to make the crash, bumps and shots of the game feel realistic
  • The keys are backlit, so darkness cannot disrupt your gaming session
  • The gamepad has a dedicated switch to shift between X-input mode and direct input mode

3. Power A Wired Gamepad

1505660 01 XB1 EnWi Black 1 Hero P Gallery

This controller comes only in wired version. It has 5 star rating on Amazon. It is pretty cool looking with minimalist design and feels comfortable. Let’s get down to its features.


  • has 8-way plus shaped directional pad or D-pad
  • has standard abxy button placement
  • has left and right bumpers and triggers
  • has 3.5mm stereo headset jack
  • has detachable 8 feet micro-USB to standard USB cable
  • compatible with Win 10, Xbox One, Xbox One S, X Box One X

4. Ant Esports GP300 Pro 

Ant Esports GP300 Pro Gamepad for Computerwireless 1

This is a wireless controller, so you can just plug and play. But for the android phone it does need an OTG adapter to connect. Well, I really don’t like the design of it, as it is not that comfortable but the keys feels tactile. It is a good choice under this budget segment


  • has TURBO function
  • has linear hall magnetic induction trigger
  • has revolutionised shoulder button
  • has high-precision D-pad
  • has anti-slip grip
  • has both X-input and Direct input
  • has vibration feedback

5. Redgear Elite Wireless Gamepad

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This controller is wireless and is quite simple in looking and some old console like design. But it does feel good to hold but not for long hours. This is a good choice for someone who is really strict on a budget but still wants a wireless controller. It has some cool features.


  • has X input and direct input just hold the home button for 5 seconds to switch the mode
  • has 2 analog triggers
  • 2 analog sticks
  • 11 digital keys
  • Up to 10hrs of gameplay
  • wireless connectivity of upto 10 meteres
  • has strong vibration feedback
  • it is compatible with Win 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • not compatible with console

So this was our list of 5 best budget controllers for gaming. Hope you liked it. If we missed out on any controller please do let us know in the comments section below.

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