Best Tech Blogs To Follow in 2019

Best Tech Blogs To Follow

Do you want to stay updated with the latest technological trends? This article will cover Top 5 Best Tech Blogs To Follow in 2019.

Are you interested in knowing about the latest technologies and what is happening around the globe? Well, I get very excited whenever there is something new in the market. We have a list of Top 5 Tech Blogs to Follow in 2019 to keep you updated with the upcoming and latest technological advancements. The list is from bottom to top.

5. Recode (

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Recode is best for someone who wants detailed information by respected journalists in technology and media. Recode is a great place to know about the latest trends, tech news, analysis, events, and tech reviews. Recode also provides you with podcasts if you are too busy to read anything then you can prefer hearing it.

4. Wired (

Wired is a resource with high popularity. Wired provides information about how the upcoming or latest technologies are affecting us humans, our culture, economy, and politics. Many Millenials and we love their humor and their modern style, which makes them a hit. Anyone interested in learning about technology in a way that is both funny and engaging should follow them.

3. MIT Technology Review (

MIT Technology Review is a technology review blog by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which we all know about as the best institute for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths field-related careers. Their blog is one of the best blogs that is available on the internet to understand technology related trends.

2. Tech trends (

Tech trends, the name describes the whole concept of this blog. Tech Trends provides the reader with the latest disruptive technology that is changing our world. Tech Trends give the latest trends of technology in different industries, for example, the food industry, health, VR tech.

1. Tech Crunch (

Tech Crunch any list of technology and trends is incomplete without this name. Tech Crunch is one of the most popular blogs in the world related to reviews of the latest technology, or providing information about the most recent technological trends and news from around the globe. Their Extra Crunch page delivers one video daily about the latest tech and startup news.

These were the top 5 favorite tech blogs that we recommend for anyone interested in technology should follow in 2019. If you think we have missed a name or two, then you can mention in the comments below and let us know.

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