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Best Budget Power Supply to build your Budget Gaming PC

Buy this power supply to kickstart your build of budget gaming PC. All of these power supplies give good value for money. Number 7 is shockingly cheap.

Power Supply or PSU is an essential component for building a gaming PC. Power Supply provides power to all the components of a PC including the graphics card, processor, hard disk, fans and other peripheral devices and components. Without a PSU you cannot start your computer. And with a power supply of fewer watts than required will bottleneck the performance of the computer.

If you have a dedicated graphics card then it alone can consume 250 watts of power and bigger graphics card need a PSU (power supply unit) of 750 Watts or above. Yes, the power supply is an essential component when it comes to a PC build and power supplies can cost as many as 15,000 INR. But these power supplies are not that costly but that does not mean they are not good. They are highly efficient and gives good value for money.

So, without any delay lets get straight to the list of best 5 budget power supplies to kickstart your build of your budget Gaming PC.

The list is from highest watts to lowest, it will depend on the power usage of the build that you are making. It is a crucial choice so make it wisely.

Gigabyte GP-B700H

The Gigabyte GP-B700H is 700 Watts PSU, it comes with high quality Japanese Enectroltic Capacitors which ensures long term usage with no issues. It has 120mm Smart Control Fan which helps to reduce the noise emission by the fan and the speed can be ajusted automatically depending the power. The ball bearing fan ensures longer life time. It supports multiple GPU usage and comes with modlar cables and black connectors.

The new age of VP700P PLUS is made for quality, execution and unbelievable worth. This section level arrangement is evaluated from 500W to 700W, but we recmmend going for atleast 650 to 700 watts if you are using a dedicated graphics card. It ensures 85% efficiency that will result in reduced electricity bills and comes with 120mm silent fan that will be controlled by “Thermal Manager” that allows optimal heat and noise management. It comes with the industrial grade protections UVP/OVP/SCP/OPP/NLO . It has multiple PCI-E connectors which allows you to connect multiple GPUs.

The Corsair CX 650 Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a great choice for someone who is building a basic PC to handle their dily chores. This PSU is by the renowned company Corsair, therefore it is highly reliable, the fan is not noisy and it is super easy to install in your desktop. It has flexible modular cabling that allows you to use only the cables you need and 80 plus bronze certified efficiency means that it is power eficient with less excess heat and will be on a softer side when it comes to your electric bills. The fan of this PSU is very quiet even when you are pushing your PC to its limits. The matte black finish of the cables and the PSU gives it a cool high-tech look and will go with any PC you are building.

The mwe conveys all that you anticipate from top level power supply. This unit additionally accompanies a circuit structure that will secure your framework consistently. The 120mm fan keeps your framework cool with little commotion. This extreme little box is the ideal answer for all your capacity needs.

The Corsair VS550 is the best selling Power Supply Unit (PSU) on Amazon in a budget. The power supply is certified as it is by Corsair, so it consumes less energy and provide efficient cooling. It comes with a 3-year warranty and Corsair is a very renowned name in the PC world, as a result they have an amazing customer support service. The cables are mostly black with black connectors make your gaming PC look great. It is only 125mm deep housing that fits into almost any PC. It has a 120mm fan that allows great cooling and it works silently under wide range of work loads. 

The Thermaltake TR2 Series PSU comes from 350W to 700W, it ensures about 86 percent efficiency. It can accomodate any mainstream modern build with the most demanding requirements. The fan noise is extremely low even in various work loads. 

The Antec Atom V550 is a 550 Watts PSU. It has 120mm fan which is silent under various types of work loads. It supports multiple GPU with multiple PCI-e connectors, it has durable sleeve and black connectors.

The Circle Pro Series CG supports multiple GPU as it have multi PCI-e slots. It is energy efficient and the CM Smart Temperature Controlled Bearing reduces fan waste, boosts power efficiency it comes with OVP (Over Voltage Protection) UVP (Under Voltage Protection). OCP (Over Current Protection) OPP (Over Power Protection) SCP (Short Circuit Protection) OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

The Corsair CX450 comes with modern technologies and 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. The CX450 offers many upgradations when compared to traditional designs. It comes in black colour with black sleeve and black connectors to give your PC build a high-tech look. The large diameter helps with cooling with a 120mm fan that is silent when running at idle. It is compatible and easy to install in every PC.

The Circle Gaming APFC Modular is a 450 Watts PSU. It has a 140mm fan that comes with Smart Temperature Control Bearing which reduces energy waste and boosts power efficeincy. It comes with flat cable sleeve which is durable and long lasting the connectors are black. It also supports multiple GPU, it has 2 PCI-e connectors. It comes with OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OCP (Over Current Protection), OPP (Over Power protection), SCP (Short Circuit Protection), OTP (Over Temperature Protection).

All of the PSUs that are mentioned in this list are of great value for money, go for the one that will help you with your best PC build. Consider buying one of these power supplies to build your budget gaming pc, and enjoy your games like never before. 

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