How Not to Suck at CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) – 20-Tips and Tricks

We have 20 CS:GO Tips and Tricks that will you to become a better CS:GO player. These tips are tested and reliable. We have a surprise too. Check number 19.

Well, CS: GO is one of the best first-person shooters out there. It has a huge fan base and community; YouTube is just flooding with content about Counter Strike-Global Offensive. 


There are tons of videos about “How Not To Suck at CS: GO,” here are some tips and tricks for beginners to avoid getting bullied by other players.


Before diving into the topic, let us know something about the game. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series and was released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on August 21, 2012, while the Linux version was released in 2014.


If you want to learn to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then you must be the guy who is not just going to shoot all over the place. Instead, you should be using valuable CS: GO tips and tricks to boost performance.


Now, without further ado, let’s jump straight into the topic, which is 20 tips and tricks of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that will help you to not suck at the game.

TRICK: 1 – Comfort

Position your monitor at one arm’s length. The top of the screen should be at or slightly lower than your eye level. Try to be comfortable and not to slouch. Well, everyone has different kinds of posture that they feel sitting comfortably in. Some people play well with theirs arms extended, some don’t. Want to know more about the sitting ergonomics? You can read our article about  Computer Ergonomics | How to work and prevent Strain and Pain.

TRICK: 2 – Get your Settings Right

Many of us tend to play with the default settings, but in CS: GO, it is useful to know about your settings panel and play around a bit. Settings such as V-Sync, Mouse Acceleration, Auto Weapon Switching should be turned off. You can also change the graphics settings just in case you own a low-end PC. Want to upgrade your PC? Our guide to building a budget gaming PC will help you.

TRICK: 3 – Get Familiar with the controls

This is an essential aspect of every fast-paced shooter game, not just CS:GO. You should get comfortable with the movements of the game. One more important thing is to find a mouse sensitivity speed that you like and stick with it.

TRICK: 4 – Don’t just RUN & GUN like Call of Duty

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has some of the most realistic weapon recoil patterns. If you shoot while running, there is a 99% chance that you will miss the target and end up dead. It is best to learn some of the most commonly used weapons’ recoil patterns. How can you do that? Head on to steam and type in the search bar “cs go recoil map” you will see some workshop maps download one and work on your skills.

TRICK: 5 – Avoid Running all the Time

This is one of the first tips that I learned in my course of learning CS:GO, and it helped me a lot to be victorious. Your character makes a significant noise while walking, other players around can listen to your footsteps. It can help them to have an idea of where you are and can pre-fire at that spot. To avoid this, you should consider walking by holding down the shift key. This is not best for every situation, but if your enemy does not know about your position, this tip will bring you some sudden deaths to virtual opponents.

TRICK: 6 – Don’t Buy Guns You Can’t Use

When I started playing CS:GO, I used to buy weapons which were visually appealing. And anyone familiar with the game will be knowing how hard it is to resist the mighty Desert Eagle and the Glorious AWP when you start playing the game. But you also be knowing about how hard it is to shoot precisely with AWP and Desert Eagle. So, they proved useless to me. You need hours and hours of practice with bots or death-matches to master a weapon, and until you do that you should stick with the guns, you are comfortable shooting with. Avoid trying new weapons in competitive and casual matchmaking as your teammates will be expecting the best performance from you.

TRICK: 7 – Consider Dropping the BOMB if you are not Confident

If you are playing as the T team, then you know the importance of keeping the bomb. Your teammates will be annoyed if you get killed and they lose the bomb in the starting of the round and now knowing that CTs are keeping an eye on the bomb. So, to avoid being in this kind of situation, it is best to drop the bomb towards your more experienced teammate at the start of the round by pressing ‘G’.

TRICK: 8 – Reload in Time

Do you want to stand face to face with your opponent with just one bullet in your magazine or while you are reloading? I guess not, because its a definite lose-lose situation for you. To avoid getting yourself in such circumstances, you should consider reloading your weapon whenever you get time. This does not mean that you should reload after just shooting five bullets, too frequent reloading will alsoresult in losses.

TRICK: 9 – It’s not Mandatory to Play on Every Map

I had experienced this when I started playing CS: GO, and within no time, I knew that I am an idiot. If you do not want to like a total noob, then you should consider learning maps. It is highly essential as when you learn a map and know all the corners and hiding spots than it is easier for you to plan your gameplay develop tactics. Still there is no need to know every map-there are too many of them. I only stick with Dust 2 for most of my competitive matchmaking and after that Mirage.

TRICK: 10 – Use Your Nades Wisely

Most beginners in the game completely ignore their pieces of utility. And they start to throw grenades, smokes, flashes and Molotovs in massive amount without any understanding their purpose in-game. After gaining some experience, players decrease the number of grenades they use and become more sensible in throwing them. Pros know how to use smoke to hide their actions and how to pop flashbang in front of the opponent and catch him off guard for an easy kill. Do not underestimate the uses of grenades, every nade have some purpose and uses in the game. 

TRICK: 11 – Don’t rush Defusing and Planting BOMB

Yes, CS:GO is indeed a very fast-paced first-person shooter game. But you should take time for attentive observations than quick actions. It is accurate for the BOMB Defusal Scenario. You should consider watching around for opponents before planting the bomb; this goes for defusing the bomb too. When planting or defusing the player makes a clicking noise that can be heard by nearby players and can catch you off guard. So, try planting in the hidden spots-with practice, you’ll remember them on each map’s bomb site. Don’t sit and defuse the bomb when opponents are around they might hear the sound of you defusing. So, consider stopping while defusing to see the reaction. Repeat this to make Ts show themselves.

TRICK: 12 – Learn to Switch between Weapons Fast

If you are not new to the world of CS:GO then you might be knowing that you walk comparably faster while holding a knife than a gun or pistol. But winning a knife-gun fight is a challenging task; therefore, you should be comfortable in switching to your primary weapon quickly. If your primary weapon is a sniper, then you should have a practice of switching to your secondary weapon, i.e., your pistol. It will help you to be in the competition instead of waiting for your character to finish the loading animation. You should not use the mouse wheel for switching between your weapons. Invest some time in developing the skill of switching weapons with numeric 1-4 keys.

TRICK: 13 – Learn Movement Mechanics of the Game

Your in-game character’s accuracy is maximum when it is standing still, but you are also the easiest target for your opponents. And when you move around your accuracy is decreased but you are harder to hit. Jumps are even a better way to avoid bullets, but they slow down your movement speed. So you should learn a perfect combo of these movement skills. Some more that you should master are peaking from a corner, bunny hopping. One of the best ways to improve movement skills is CS:GO surfing. It’s a fun mode to smurf on special maps.

TRICK: 14 – Learn to play as a Team

CS:GO is not just about who has the most kills. It is more about having game sense, teamwork and yes somewhat about the most kills. Initially, you should become a better individual player. Then you should learn to play as a team – without playing as a team; your further success is unfavourable. 

TRICK: 15 – Consider Watching Esports for the BEST CS: GO Pro Tips

Professional players demonstrate the game to the highest mastery level – there are lots of things to learn from them. If you want to know some pro tips and tricks, then you should consider watching tournaments such as Faceit Major in London or IEM: Chicago 2018. But to understand their gameplay, you should spend some amount of time in the game. Observe the performance of various players to pick up their tricks. You should watch mini-map from round to round to feel different strategies of team play. Do you want to have the configs of your favourite team player? If yes, then you can use CS: GO Pro Configs to understand the configs of professional players.

TRICK: 16 – Destract yourself from Time to Time

All the tips we have covered till now are surely just about the game itself. But let’s not forget about the health of our body and brain – it needs rest to work properly. It is not healthy to play for long hours. It is much better to play for a limited time, have a proper rest and then repeat your in-game practice. You can consider playing some other game for refreshment – maybe some great open-world games, or possibly of different genres. Then you will find yourself playing CS: GO better. 

TRICK: 17 – Play with Skins

\Well when I was beginner, I used to play with the default appearance for the guns. That’s not cool for sure. Then, I used anything I got from the random drop. Advanced players choose their designs and skins quite carefully. It is a way to express their personality in the game – those things that will differentiate your character from all the others. Skins do not give you any real advantages, but they influence your game in other ways. With beautiful skins, you’ll get increased confidence – that’s quite a strength in gaming. With nice skins, the community will see decent teammate/opponent in you. This also gives a boost to your confidence.

TRICK: 18 – Get yourself a gaming mouse

This is not exactly a trick; instead, it is a tip. Gaming mouse can help you to step up your game, as they offer you to select from different ranges of DPI (Dots per Inch)-it is a measurement of how sensitive a mouse is. Gaming mouse also features programmable buttons; you can program them to perform particular in-game actions like jumping, crouching etc. They also have less response time-which is the time between pressing the button on your mouse and action performed by your in-game character. Check our article Top 5 Gaming Mouse to buy the best gaming mouse of 2019 and step up your CS:GO skills.

TRICK: 19 – Bonus Tricks and Tips

Well, most of the riflers prefer their edpi to be somewhere between 800 and 1000, which is slightly less than the edpi which is preferred by the Awpers. You can calculate edpi (effective Dots Per Inch), by multiplying the mouse DPI with the in-game sensitivity. 

Resolutions also play a significant role in CS:GO, some resolutions can make the in-game character a bit wider in size. As a result, they will be much easier to shoot. So play around with the settings and find the ones that suit you.

TRICK: 20 – Never forget! It’s just a Game

Games are only meant for entertainment. Don’t ever become too serious about it. Enjoy your time playing, and you will get better with time. You should not get tough with other players as it will spoil the gaming experience for everyone, including you. Just play the game and be happy. And it is quite useful to remember that every CS:GO tip given by your teammates is not useful. So, keep your right to make the ultimate decisions in your gaming life.

We really hope these tips and tricks will help you in becoming a better player. Which trick helped you the most? Comment in the comment section below and let us know.

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