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PC Gaming VS. Mobile Gaming

Do you ever have a curiosity about knowing how mobile gaming is different from PC gaming? Well, all your curiosity will be satisfied shortly.

What do you see more often these days, kids watching movies and cartoon or kids playing video games on mobile and PC? I bet your answer is the latter. The video game industry has shown immense growth over the years and is continuously booming.

Earlier people used to play video games only on desktop or television consoles, but now it’s not only limited to PC and consoles, but people have started playing video games on mobile devices. Mobile devices have undergone significant changes. More powerful processor increased ram, size and resolution have made them competitive with PC. The games which you could only play on a desktop earlier can now be played on mobile devices. Games like Vice city, borderlands are ported to mobiles now. Asian countries prefer to play games on mobile whereas the European countries prefer gaming on a desktop computer. Is it possible that the mobile gaming industry can compete between PC gaming vs mobile gaming?

Let’s look at the comparison between the platforms.

4K gaming

4K technology is the latest trend in video games. It gives an incredible experience to gamers, and all the most recent PC and laptops are equipped with this technology.

 The PC gaming industry has shifted to 4K resolution from 1080p resolution. The mobile gaming industry can not compete with the graphical power of PC when it comes to mobile gaming vs PC gaming.


Mobile gaming is cheaper than playing games on PC but not for long. The PC gaming industry is coming up with innovative and efficient ways to cut down the prices of playing games on PC and be more competitive with mobile gaming to give a better experience to people.

Ease of playing 

It’s fun to play games on both these platforms, but when it comes to comfort, mobile gaming will be peoples priority. Mobile devices are very easily portable; no one has thought about carrying the whole computer in their pocket before the invention of smartphones. Mobile phones are easy to carry, whereas when it comes to PC games, you need to give a devoted space for the full setup, and you cannot carry it to places with you.

Both the devices give good VR experience for playing. Gaming platforms are becoming so innovative nowadays; you can even attach mouse and keyboard to your smartphones to enhance the gaming experience.


Which gaming platform is better depends on personal preference. Technology is advancing every single day but when it comes to performance a desktop computer has more horsepower and is very superior to mobile phones.

On which platform would you like to play the latest titles like PUBG, Fortnite, Call of Duty on PC or smartphone? Let us know in the comments below.

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