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Rockstar Games just launched their launcher with a big surprise for a limited period. Read ahead to know more about the launcher and the big surprise.

Every major gaming brand out there has their launcher for downloading or managing all their downloaded games in one place. Launchers like EA’s Origin, Epic Games launcher for Fortnite, Steam are very well recognised by gamers worldwide, but there is one more brand which is very famous, but they didn’t have their launcher, but two days ago a miracle happened. Did you guess the name of the brand? Yes, you’re right they are Rockstar Games. They just introduced their launcher to the gaming world with a surprise. Read on know more about the surprise.

Rockstar Games Launcher 22 09 2019 10 01 03 PM

The launcher is like a store from where you can purchase, download and manage all of the Rockstar titles like Max Payne 3, L.A. Noire, GTA 5, GTA Vice City, Bully Scholarship Edition, GTA III. Yes, they don’t have a massive list of games like E.A. or Ubisoft, but all the games are amazing. Everyone has enjoyed at least one title of Rockstar Games. Their launcher is way better than the Ubisoft’s launcher Uplay. The launcher of Ubisoft makes my computer slow, but their titles are quite good too. There is one more game, a game which has no haters. Yes, it is the GTA San Andreas, and it is free on the store for some time.

Initially, the launcher had some bugs, which have been resolved. The bug did not let gamers to play GTA 5 offline. If gamers did were not having a good connection, or if the Rockstar’s servers were down, they were not able to play GTA single player Mod. It was a significant issue which led to a bit of controversy. According to us, the launcher is quite good, and everything takes time to implement. They have resolved the issue in no time.


Have you downloaded the Rockstar Launcher? You can give it a try if you want to download the launcher click here. Do you like it or not. Leave your comment in the comment section below.

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