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The Best Wireless Mouse in India | 2020

This is a list of 5 best wireless mouse available in India in 2020. We have picked them on the basis of ergonomics, build quality and design, responsiveness and range and battery.

If you spend most of your hours in front of your desktop or laptop on a chair then you probably know how important it is to have a great mouse. A mouse which is comfortable to hold. 

The right mouse can make a huge difference in your productivity, like seriously. People like me who spend hours and hours in front of the computer knows about the important mouse has to play.

So, we searched for the best wireless mouse that is available in the market and there are thousands of them but we are very picky about our gadgets or components whatever you call it. So, we have featured 5 best wireless mice that are available in India in 2020. 

Things that we kept in mind before ranking them-

  1. Ergonomics
  2. Battery life
  3. Build Quality
  4. Range and responsiveness
  5. Extra features

So, without any further delay let’s get straight to the list of best wireless mouse, some of these mice can also be used as a wired USB mouse.

pele microsoft surface precision mouse hT9DFSq

Microsoft as we all know it is a giant in the technology industry. This mice lives up to the quality of Microsoft’s other Surface hardwares. The buttons on the mice are fully programmable and can connect to three different PCs at the same time. You can control your cursor on all the three displays seamlessly. it can also be used as a wired mouse. It is quite expensive but will provide you the value for money. It is one of the most comfortable mice out there.

This mouse is a comfortable gaming mouse. It has 5 programmable buttons and the middle mouse button click can also be programmed very easily with the logitech’s easy to use software. This mouse can also be used as a wired USB mouse or it can be paired with bluetooth or the unifying USB adapter and it can be connected to three displays at once. It has a feature known as MX Master’s hyperfast scrolling to make it easier for people to scroll through long spredsheets or documents.

G304 is a LIGHTSPEED wireless gamaing mouse. HERO sensor is the cutting edge optical gaming sensor from Logitech G. Program DPI from 200 – 12,000 and set aside to 5 profiles on the on-board memory. The fastidiously designed, start to finish arrangement from Logitech G gives players the opportunity of remote and the 1 Ms execution required for gaming., HERO Sensor and LIGHTSPEED convey extraordinary productivity to let you game for 250 hours on, only one AA, 99 Grams of Fast Freedom, G304 sports 10 million snap switches for the two essential catches. G304 likewise has center snap, DPI catch and two side fastens that can be modified exactly as you would prefer utilizing Logitech Gaming Software.

Another wireless logitech mouse, this is also a gaming mouse. It is both comfortable and high-performing. This mouse have an ambidextrous design which means it can be used comfortably by both left and right handed persons. It has a signle AA battery which can last for upto 250 hours non stop. It does not support bluetooth only the USB adapter. You can use it as a wired mouse too. Just like the G306 it comes with the HERO optical sensor for best optimal performance. The battery life on this is great.

Logitech is just the best when it comes to computer hardware.  This mouse is the cheapest mouse we have on our list and one of the most uiques looking. It has a comfortable minimalist and modern design. This is a silent mouse which means you would not hear the button clicking they are soft and highly responsive. It has bluetooth connectivity with the USB adapter. The battery power is significant considering the price. 

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