Top 5 Budget Motherboard 2019

The motherboard is an essential part while you are building a PC. The components performance is depended on your motherboard. This list will help you to guide in buying yourself a decent value for money motherboard.

Are you custom building your PC in a budget? Then, you should consider buying the best value for money motherboard. A decent motherboard costs somewhere between 3,000INR to 15000INR. Depending on your budget and needs. If you are strict on the budget, then you should not consider going above 10,000 INR unless you are building a high spec gaming PC.

We have a list of best 5 budget motherboards under 15000 INR. We have motherboard for every user according to their budget. 

But do you know how to choose the best motherboard for you? First thing first, a decent motherboard should be a good value for money. This list has been divided into three segments. 1) Best Motherboards ranging from 10k to 15k, 2) Best Motherboards ranging from 5k to 10k and 3)Best Motherboard under 5k. The next thing that you should consider is that the motherboard should have atleast 1 USB-3.0, all of these motherboards have that. And last but not least you should buy a motherboard after considering the specs of your PC. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight to the topic.

1. GIGABYTE B360 AORUS Gaming 3 WiFi

      Best Motherboard under 15,000 INR

13 145 061 V11

This motherboard is for high-end users who are looking to get the best performance. The motherboard supports Intel 8th Gen i7/i5/i3/pentium and Celeron processors. It features 4 DDR4 RAM slots and 2 PCI-e slots. One of the best thing about this motherboard is that it has built-in wifi. The AORUS logo on the bottom right corner and the orange strips lights up when the power is switched on.

Are you building an AMD build? Then this motherboard is for you. Its MRP is 14,000 INR, but you can buy it for around 10,000 INR on Amazon. It supports AMD’s 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen and Ryzen with Radeon Vega Graphics Processors. It has 4 DDR4 RAM slots and 2 PCI-e slots. It also has M.2 NVMe SSD slot. Anything that has RGB gives an excellent feel to the gamer, so this motherboard supports RGB LED Strips in 7 colours. It also features high-quality Audio Capacitors and Noise Guard. This motherboard is ultra-durable, which means that it will not bend easily.

3. Gigabyte B360M

       Best Motherboard under 10,000 INR

This motherboard is for the budget gamers. It is Ultra Durable with 8118 Gaming LAN to ensure maximum bandwidth,2 DDR4 RAM slots and PCIe Gen 3 slot, M.2 support. It also features Smart Fan 5 to ensure a cooler PC even after long gaming sessions. It has four temperature sensors, 2 Fan pin headers. It has high-end audio capacitors with an audio noise guard.

This is also a Gaming motherboard. It supports 8th and 9th Gen Processors. It has 4 DDR4 RAM slots and 1 PCI-e slot with the support of AMD CrossfireX technology. It also has the support for M.2 NVMe SSD. It has high-end audio capacitors with an audio noise guard.

5. Gigabyte H310M-H

       Best Motherboard under 5,000 INR

This is the best motherboard if you are on a budget but wants the best value for money. It supports Intel’s 8th Gen processors. It has 2 DDR4 RAM slots, 1 PCI-e slot, Smart Fan 5 with multiple temperature sensors and Hybrid fan headers with fan stop. It has 8-Channel HD Audio with good quality audio capacitors.

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