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Top 5 Gaming blogs to follow in 2019

These are the top 5 blogs that you can follow in 2019 to stay updated on the latest games and news.

Who doesn’t love to come home after a long day and play some latest games on their RIG? I can’t imagine a better stress-buster than gaming. The gaming industry is booming rapidly. 2019 has brought some amazing games and other related news and stuff.

Here is a list of the Top 5 gaming blogs that you can follow in 2019 according to me. If you like to stay updated on the latest news or reviews of games just like me then these blogs are for you. 

1. Kotaku (

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Kotaku is the Best Gaming Blog to follow in 2019. Its writers express their characters without becoming self-indulgent. They have almost everything covered from the latest news to the best of articles to best cosplay and latest game and tech reviews.

Honestly, it was hard to choose between Engadget and Kotaku but Kotaku edges because of its humour. Most of their articles are on the same topic. That’s why there was a fierce competition.

2. Engadget(

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Engadget is the second-best blog in the gaming world. They offer dozens of posts in a day. They have everything covered like latest gear and gadgets reviews, gaming news, entertainment, buyer’s guide for gadgets, videos and I like their Tomorrow tab a lot they give you an insight of the articles that they will publish tomorrow just so you get excited and eager to read them.

If someone is interested in gaming then these two blogs should be the essential source for the latest news.

3. VG247 (

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The VG247 is a blog of UK and it has the most momentum in whole of UK. It has recently won three gongs at the Games Media Award. They deserved that: the way they write is excellent they give some very detailed game reviews and news. They also have related guides so that you enjoy your games a little more. 

4. Guardian Games Blog (

Games blog Technology The Guardian Google Chrome 19 08 2019 11 33 45 PM
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The Guardian Games Blog is a blog of a broadsheet newspaper. It collects data from press releases and screenshots in favour of a more measured approach, offering analysis, interviews and opinion. Their articles are always readable and often thought-provoking. They have hundreds of categories to choose from. 

 5.GoNintendo (

GoNintendo What are YOU waiting for Google Chrome 19 08 2019 11 48 46 PM
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The GoNintendo is a required RSS feed or bookmark for anyone interested in Nintendo gaming, whether Wii or DS. It collects data and stories from around the internet and makes a central point for the Nintendo news of the day. They give news about rumors, reviews, latest news, general news and what not.

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